The wealth management team intervenes in particular in order to enable corporate directors to optimise, from a tax and legal standpoint, the holding, restructuring and sale of business.

Protection of businesses and guidance of directors in maters of transfer and sale

Our mission is to analyse adequacy between the private and professional assets of business owners and propose bespoke solutions in order to best protect their interests.

We provide legal protection to the business against the consequences of incapacity or death (family transfers, enduring power of attorney (mandat de protection future), posthumous power of attorney, wills and matrimonial regimes of corporate directors) and to limit the impact of tax liabilities pertaining to the holding and transfer of professional assets (collective undertakings to retain shares).

Optimising real estate holding

The wealth management team provides company directors with guidance for the implementation of effective commercial property holding strategies, which will be optimised both legally and fiscally.

Our mission consists in helping you to define the acquisition structure (relevance of an acquisition or of a rental opportunity, incorporation of a partnership, drafting of a commercial lease, etc.), the terms of acquisition (undivided interest, subdivision of title, building lease, financial leasing agreement, etc.) and the best way to finance commercial property (amortizable, balloon, negotiation of bank securities, etc…).

We can also help you optimise taxation in connection with the holding of commercial buildings, in matters related in particular to income tax, corporate income tax, capital gains tax and, as the case may be, wealth tax (ISF).