Pierre Cenac, founding partner, specialises in estate law and family law. He also has extensive experience in the field of business transfer.

He graduated from University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas (D.S.N.), and from University of Toulouse, (DESS ingénierie patrimoniale).

Affiliate Professor at University of Paris IX Paris-Dauphine and lecturer at the Centre de Formation des Professions Bancaires, he has authored a great many articles in the field of estate planning and business transfer and has co-authored works such as “Introduction à l’usufruit locatif social, un investissement immobilier éthique,” (An Introduction to the Social Rental Usufruct, an Ethical Real Estate Investment) EIS, 2009, “Pratique patrimoniale de l’assurance-vie” (The Estate Planner’s Practical Guide to Life Insurance) Verneuil Editions, 2010, “La Location Meublée” (Furnished Rentals), LexisNexis Editions, 2012 and the Jurisclasseur Ingénierie du Patrimoine (Jurisclasseur of Asset Engineering) .

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