The law n°2015-990 for growth, activity and equality of economic chance dated 6 August 2015 introduces a tariff allowing to determine the amount of the emoluments due to the Notaires for their services subject to a regulation. This law introduces the possibility for the Notaires to grant the following discounts:

  • within the limitation of a maximum discount rate fixed by decree, when the rate is determined proportionally to the value of a property or a right,
  • and when the basis of this rate is higher than a limit fixed by order.

As per the provisions of Article L. 444.3 of the Commercial Code, the rate of discounts granted by a Notaire is fixed and same for everyone. Therefore, this rate of discount is guaranteed for all the clients for a deed of the same category, and it is no longer allowed to negotiate a discount individually.

Besides, the Notaires are also authorised to receive the fees freely negotiated in return for services, insofar as these services are not subject to the rate mentioned above, and subject to concluding a fee agreement in writing with their client.

You will find hereafter the details of the amount of discount on the fees to be received by C&C Notaires for the deeds subject to the rate of Notaires by May 24th 2016.